Does Metformin Make You Lose Weight?

Metformin can help people lose weight if they are also following a proper exercise and diet plan; however, metformin is not for everyone according to WebMD. Anyone who is considering using metformin should first speak with a doctor to ensure that the medication will be safe.

WebMD states that the original reason for metformin was to help control blood sugar in patients with high blood sugar, primarily those with type 2 diabetes. When the high blood sugar is not regulated properly, many problems can occur, such as blindness, kidney damage, loss of limbs, nerve problems, and sexual function problems. Metformin is able to work by limiting the amount of sugar that is produced by the body's liver when responding to insulin.

Metformin is sometimes given to patients without diabetes for weight loss, as reported in Redbook. The metformin can help people from overeating, thanks to the increased insulin sensitivity. Studies in a New York Medical College found that approximately 80 percent of the women on metformin and on a carbohydrate modified diet were able to lose 10 percent of their body weight. These women were then able to keep the weight off for more than 4 years.