What Are Metabolic Protein Drinks?


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Metabolic protein drinks are nutritious beverages packed with high quality proteins formulated to promote weight loss and to build muscle and strength. These healthy supplemental concoctions are usually prepared using commercially available protein powders, such as Biotest's Metabolic Drive. Garden of Life's RAW Fit is a plant-based protein powder certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, notes Garden of Life.

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What Are Metabolic Protein Drinks?
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As of 2015, Biotest offers four flavors of its award-winning gourmet protein Metabolic Drive, including chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla. This protein powder mixture contains premium grade whey isolate and micellar casein. Due to these ingredients' fast-acting and enhanced nitrogen-retention properties, incorporating Metabolic Drive shakes into a meal plan can help reduce weight and stimulate muscle synthesis, states Biotest.

The protein component from metabolic protein beverages works by curbing the appetite. Since protein is naturally filling, the consumption of a protein drink can lead to a reduction in calorie intake. Additionally, increased protein derived from protein drinks boosts the metabolism. This means that the body expends energy and burns calories from excess fat to break down the protein.

Individuals, particularly bodybuilders, who want to increase muscle mass, also benefit from drinking beverages loaded with concentrated proteins. A constant supply of amino acids from these macronutrients prevent the body from digesting its own reserved proteins.

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