What Is the Merck Patient Assistance Program?


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The Merck Patient Assistance Program provides free medicines to qualifying patients, particularly those who are uninsured and cannot afford Merck medications, according to Merck Helps. Eligible individuals can access free medicines for up to one year and may reapply as necessary.

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People who need Merck medicines can apply for the Merck Patient Assistance Program if they meet three conditions, states Merck Helps. First, a person should be a U.S. resident and should present a prescription for a Merck medicine given by a U.S.-licensed doctor. Second, the individual must not have any insurance or coverage for the prescribed medication. Anyone who has private insurance from Medicaid, Medicare or other social service agencies may not qualify for the program.

The final condition is that the patient has a household income not exceeding $47,080 as an individual as of March 2015, Merck Helps reports. Couples should have an income no more than $63,720, and a family of four members should have an income of $97,000 or below.

Those who are not eligible for the Merck Patient Assistance Program based on the insurance criteria may still qualify if they have certain medical and financial difficulties, notes Merck Helps. They must also meet the income criteria set by Merck. Non-U.S. citizens and legal residents of the United States with special circumstances are also eligible to apply.

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