How Do You Know a Menu Plan Works With a Sugar Busters Diet?


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A menu plan works with the Sugar Busters diet when it includes high-fiber foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and proteins. Suitable menu plans also avoid refined sugar and flour.

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The Sugar Busters diet allows the consumption of as many fruits and vegetables as desired as long as the individual avoids pineapple, watermelon and parsnips. The dieter can eat whole-grain pastas and bread as well as brown rice and oatmeal. For protein, he can choose from lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts and low-fat dairy products. While alcohol is permissible in moderation, drinking red wine is best. Equal, Sweet 'N Low and NutraSweet are allowed sweeteners, and a dieter can have sugar-free ice cream.

While on the Sugar Busters diet, a person cannot consume anything containing refined sugar, including baked goods, candy and soda. He must also avoid white rice, potatoes, bread and flour as well as corn and beets.

The Sugar Busters diet focuses on keeping the blood sugar level through the consumption of foods that have a low glycemic index. There are no packaged meals to purchase and no group meetings to attend, and there is no calorie counting. Vegans and vegetarians should avoid Sugar Busters, as they do not consume animal protein. Those in need of a low-fat diet are also not candidates for this diet, as 30 to 40 percent of calories consumed on Sugar Busters should come from fat. Individuals who have salt restrictions can successfully use the diet as long as they are mindful of the sodium content of their food.

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