What is the best menu for a low-fiber diet before a colonoscopy?


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A typical menu for the low-fiber phase leading up to a colonoscopy could include a sliced turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread with some tortilla chips on the side, notes Harvard Medical School. The key is to avoid whole grains, seeds, nuts, raw vegetables and fruits, and dried fruit.

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What is the best menu for a low-fiber diet before a colonoscopy?
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The rationale behind making dietary changes in the days before a colonoscopy is to ensure that the colon is as clean as possible before the examination. After the low-fiber phase, the day before the colonoscopy should not include the consumption of any solid foods. Rather, patients are limited to clear liquids such as apple and white grape juice, clear bouillon or broth, clear sodas and sports drinks. Popsicles and Jell-O are considered "liquid" as a part of this diet, reports Harvard Medical School.

On the day of the colonoscopy, the menu should consist of those same clear liquids. Two hours before the colonoscopy, patients shouldn't eat or drink anything at all. In addition to this clear liquid diet, individuals also take a bowel preparation liquid that causes diarrhea to clear out the colon. The dosage and instructions vary with the type of treatment. As of April 2015, the types of bowel preparations include magnesium citrate, oral sodium phosphate and polyethylene glycol, according to Harvard Medical School.

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