What Are Some Menu Ideas for a Soft Foods Diet?


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A soft diet breakfast may consist of 1/2 cup of oatmeal with sugar and whole milk, along with a banana and a glass of orange juice. A soft foods diet is a meal plan consisting of foods that are soft in texture or foods that are easy to digest.

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Patients recovering from dental work or jaw surgery may require a soft food diet because they are unable to chew harder foods. Known as a mechanical soft diet, it focuses on texture rather than food ingredients. People on mechanical soft diets should avoid hard, crunchy foods such as nuts, ready-to-eat cereals and raw vegetables. A lunch meal on such a plan might consist of finely ground spaghetti noodles with ground meat sauce, applesauce, pureed vegetables or a milkshake.

Patients recovering from gastrointestinal sickness or surgery may go on a soft diet that focuses on foods that are both soft in texture and easy to digest. On this type of diet, the dieter should avoid consuming gas-causing vegetables and grains, spicy foods, alcohol, and high-fiber, chewy or crunchy foods. A lunch on this type of soft diet may consist of spaghetti with marinara sauce, Italian bread with margarine, applesauce and grape juice.

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