What Are Some Menu Ideas for the Dukan Diet Meal Plan?


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Menu ideas for the Dukan diet meal plan include entrees such as spicy Cajun turkey mini burgers, ginger chili roast chicken and oat bran galette sandwiches with cream cheese and cold meat. Unsweetened yogurt and calorie-free sodas are other options for the Dukan Diet meal plan.

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The Dukan diet spicy Cajun turkey mini burger recipe uses a mix of Cajun spices including garlic and chili to give it a robust flavor. This meal takes 15 minutes each of preparatory and cooking time. The main ingredients included in this recipe are lean minced turkey, egg and oat bran.

The ginger and chili roast chicken recipe incorporates chicken, lemon and spices, including red chili peppers, ginger, paprika, oregano and garlic. The ginger, garlic and chili are stuffed into the chicken, and the paprika and oregano are dusted on top of the chicken prior to cooking.

A Dukan diet sandwich is made with oat bran galletes rather than bread. The oat bran galletes are made with egg or egg whites, yogurt, spices and oat bran and are cooked before assembling the sandwich. These sandwiches can be filled with cream cheese and cold meat. This meal is versatile as several choices for fillings are available, and herb and spice combinations can be used too. Additionally, the galletes store well in the refrigerator and can be made in advance of meal or snack time.

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