What Are a Few Mental Health Codes?

What Are a Few Mental Health Codes?

Mental health codes are diagnostic codes from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, according to MHReference. Code 308.3 stands for acute stress disorder, while code 295.20 stands for catatonic schizophrenia in the DSM 5.

Other diagnostic mental health codes include 300 for anxiety disorder, 307.46 for sleepwalking disorders and 293.81 for psychotic disorders as a result of a medical condition in the DSM 5, states AllPsych.

The DSM is the standard classification system used by mental health professionals to diagnose patients, the American Psychiatric Association states. The manual requires three components to make an accurate diagnosis. The DSM lists diagnostic classification, criteria sets and descriptive text as important parts of the diagnostic process. The diagnostic codes are used by institutions for billing purposes, or to keep track of statistical instances of a mental condition. The manual lists symptoms of mental health conditions along with their corresponding codes.

Codes in the DSM change according to the most recent version of the manual, the National Council for Behavioral Health warns. Health care professionals are required to use the latest edition of the DSM to classify mental health codes.

The DSM changes its coding system based on political factors and changes to the prevailing opinion among health care professionals, MHReference adds. Changes in codes can occur within years or months of the most recent DSM publication.