What Is "menopausia Sintomas"?


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Menopausia sintomas is a Spanish phrase that translates as "menopause symptoms" in English. The symptoms of menopause include heat flashes, night sweats, weight gain, irregular periods and increased anxiety. A decrease in estrogen is believed to contribute to many of the symptoms of menopause, according to WebMD.

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Menopause is considered the end of reproductive life in women, and it is defined as not having a menstrual cycle for one year. There is no specific age that menopause occurs naturally, and menopause can be induced by certain medications and chemotherapy treatments used in cancer patients, WebMD explains.

The symptoms of menopause vary from woman to woman, and some women never have any symptoms beyond irregular, then ceasing menstrual cycles. Some women may have only one or two of the symptoms, and some women have all of them. There is evidence that the symptoms of menopause include migraine headaches, according to WebMD. The symptoms of menopause, as with migraines, are linked to hormones. During menopause, the estrogen levels swing from very high levels to very low levels. Low levels of estrogen are linked to migraine headaches in women.

Treatment for the symptoms range from over-the-counter medications and natural remedies to prescription drugs and estrogen replacement therapy, according to WebMD.

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