When Does Menopause Usually End?


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Menopause typically ends four years after the first stage of menopause begins, so for most women, menopause ends in their early 50s, states WebMD. However, some women may experience menopause in their 40s.

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Menopause is a developmental stage in women characterized by the end of their menstrual periods and changes in the estrogen and progesterone hormones, says the National Institute on Aging. Perimenopause, the first stage, can begin a few years before the end of a woman’s last menstrual period. On average, most women enter this stage at the age of 47. They may experience hot flashes, but they can still get pregnant. Menopause officially happens when a woman goes through her final period. During this time, menopausal women can suffer from such symptoms as vaginal dryness, sleep issues, changes in their sex drive and moodiness.

Postmenopause is the stage after menopause, states WebMD. If a woman has not had her period in a year after menopause, then she is postmenopausal. Though women as young as 40 years old can enter perimenopause, postmenopause mostly takes place in women in their 50s. Some women have changes in their body after menopause — they may gain fat and have stiff, aching bones. Sticking to a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise helps to alleviate these symptoms.

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