What Are Some Meniscus Rehab Exercises?

Exercises that may help rehabilitate most tears in the meniscus include quad sets, hamstring curls, heel dig bridging, heel raises and shallow standing knee bends, according to GroupHealth. Other rehabilitation exercises include straight-leg raise to the front and straight-leg raise to the back. These exercises help strengthen the front and back thigh muscles, as well as the calf and hip muscles.

Other exercises that may help rehabilitate a torn meniscus include mobility exercises, such as heel slides, hip abduction exercises, such as half squats and lunges, and balance board exercises, states SportsInjuryClinic.

Quad sets strengthen the top thigh muscles, states GroupHealth. To do a quad set, sit on the floor with the injured leg held straight out in front. Press the back of the knee flat to the floor while tightening the top thigh muscles, and hold for six seconds. To do a hamstring curl, lie prone on the ground, bend the knee, and lift the foot of the injured leg towards the sky. Heel raises involve standing with the feet placed several inches apart and the hands rested on a chair or counter, while raising the heels from the floor and holding that position for six seconds.

Physical therapists assign rehabilitation exercises on an individual basis as the specific exercises needed to rehabilitate an injury depend on the severity of the injury and whether or not surgery is required, explains GroupHealth.