What Is a Meniscus Injury?


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A meniscus injury affects the menisci, the C-shaped discs in your knees that provide a cushion, as well as balance during weight shifting. A meniscus injury is generally referred to as a meniscus tear.

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What Is a Meniscus Injury?
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The most common type of meniscus injury is a tear, often caused by a quick turning or twisting of the knee while the foot is planted. There are three types of meniscus injuries: minor, moderate and severe. A minor tear causes some pain and swelling, but it usually heals within a few weeks. Moderate tears cause slightly more pain or swelling and could return after symptoms have subsided if your knee is strained again. Severe tears may further inhibit knee movement, creating an uneasy or stiff feeling, or sudden "giving out" of the knee.

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