What Do Men Talk About Amongst Each Other?


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When men have conversations with each other, the conversations often include topics such as computers, cars and video games. Additionally, men are also likely to talk to each other about sports and sex.

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According to GoodMenProject.com, men talk about sports for several reasons. These reasons include to have a legit option to gain a shared experience, to check in with friends without seeming sensitive, and to be empathetic. Men commonly use sports talk as an easy way to stay connected with other men.

According to RedbookMag.com, men talk about sex but not so much in the way women may think. Men are not often interested in hearing what another man's wife does or does not do in bed. However, a man may be quick to use having sex with his wife in conversation in order to bail on his friends with no hard feelings.

Conversations between men often lack a greeting and a goodbye. It is common for them to start and finish conversations with each other abruptly. A study of 50 instant message conversation between men showed that the conversations started with a greeting on 12 of those occasions and ended with a goodbye on 15. During conversations, men commonly participate in derogatory name calling and rough verbal teasing.

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