Why Do Men Sweat at Night?


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Men sometimes sweat at night due to low testosterone levels, says Healthline. However, medical conditions such as prostate cancer, an overactive thyroid gland, adrenal fatigue, bacterial or viral infections and sleep apnea often cause night sweats as well. Even anxiety causes night sweats in some men.

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If low testosterone levels are responsible for an individual's night sweats, he often experiences hot flashes, increased body fat, moodiness, energy loss and low libido as well, explains Healthline. Doctors usually treat low testosterone levels with testosterone-replacement therapy, using shots, patches or topical ointments. However, this treatment carries a risk of side effects, such as breast enlargement, sleep apnea, changes in body-fat disposition and acne. It also increases the risk of developing prostate cancer, especially in men over 50.

Night sweats also occur naturally in healthy men who work out regularly, says Men's Health. Conditioned men sweat at lower temperatures, so night sweats are sometimes simply a result of regular exercise or a symptom of overtraining. However, night sweats also are associated with serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, HIV and tuberculosis. Although sweating occasionally at night isn't cause for concern, a man who suffers from frequent night sweats should consult his physician to rule out serious problems.

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