How Do Men Reduce Belly Fat?


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To reduce belly fat, men should increase their physical activity and eat a diet rich in lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, according to Men's Fitness. Men should combine weight training with cardiovascular exercise and eat a high-calorie meal after intense workouts to fuel muscle growth.

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The key to an effective fat-burning plan is to avoid routines and make frequent changes to eating and exercise habits so that the body remains confused and never reaches a plateau. This can be accomplished by engaging in high-intensity interval training and alternating calorie intakes every day.

The body's metabolism remains busy by eating small snacks between larger meals, but men should avoid eating more than a combined average of 2,000 calories each day. It is important to avoid processed foods that contain refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, white bread and starch. These items can spike blood glucose and insulin levels and lead to weight gain.

Men who eat a high-protein diet with reduced carbohydrates are more likely to lose weight and gain muscle. Keeping a diet and fitness journal is a also great way to keep track of progress and correct any detrimental habits that may keep a man from reaching his goals.

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