How Often Do Men Produce Sperm?

men-produce-sperm Credit: SCIEPRO/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Men produce sperm on a continuous basis. An average man produces over one million sperm a day, according to MSN Health; however, this may vary in men with a sperm count that is considered low.

Sperm is produced in the seminiferous tubules, located in the testes. Once produced in the seminiferous tubules, immature sperm migrates to the epididymis. Within the epididymis, sperm matures and is stored. During the ejaculatory process, mature sperm in the epididymis travels through the vas deferens to the ejaculatory ducts. In the ejaculatory ducts, sperm mixes with seminal fluid. The sperm then passes through the prostate, where prostatic fluid is added, creating the final mixture commonly called semen.