Do Men Have Periods?


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A menstrual period is a monthly cycle triggered by female reproductive organs, so it doesn't occur in men. A woman's body automatically prepares an egg for fertilization but discharges the egg and vaginal lining if she doesn't become pregnant, according to KidsHealth.

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A woman's ovaries nurture thousands of eggs until the menstrual cycle causes at least one partially matured egg to travel towards the uterus, KidsHealth states. The uterus prepares for the needs of a growing fetus by building up its tissue walls. A fertilized egg attaches to the uterus, while an unfertilized one is shed during menstruation along with blood and dead tissue.

In contrast, the male reproductive system produces the reproductive cells needed to fertilize a woman's egg, according to WebMD. Hormones trigger sperm production in the testicles, and during sexual intercourse, a man's body discharges semen containing sperm cells into a woman's reproductive tract.

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