What Do Men Need to Do to Stay Within Their Healthy Cholesterol Range?


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Men should avoid foods with saturated and trans fats as well as foods high in carbohydrates or that have been processed. Keeping weight down and following a regular exercise schedule also help men keep their cholesterol at healthy levels, notes WebMD.

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What Do Men Need to Do to Stay Within Their Healthy Cholesterol Range?
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Saturated fats abound in foods such as full-fat milk, ice cream and other dairy products, as well as meats. These fats elevate the LDL or bad cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is found in organ meats, eggs and other foods, and it also elevates cholesterol levels in the blood but not to the degree that saturated fat does, as stated by WebMD.

People who exercise regularly note increases in their HDL or good cholesterol levels. This also helps them avoid packing on extra weight, which elevates the LDL levels and decreases the HDL levels. Foods loaded with carbohydrates or that have gone through processing have increased LDL cholesterol. Trans fats are synthetic and appear in partially hydrogenated oils. These boost LDL cholesterol and reduce HDL cholesterol levels, states WebMD.

Another change that men can make is eating more food with soluble fiber. This appears in oatmeal, apples and kidney beans, and it helps the body eliminate LDL cholesterol, according to WebMD.

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