Why Are Men Circumcised?


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Men are circumcised for reasons including religion, tradition, hygiene, health care and medical necessity, according to Mayo Clinic. Men also get circumcised to decrease their chances of getting some sexually transmitted diseases.

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Penile cancer is less common in circumcised men and is one reason some men get circumcised, says Mayo Clinic. Also, females who have sex with circumcised men have cervical cancer at lower rates. Urinary tract infections are also less common in circumcised men. Circumcision may become medically necessary in some cases, such as if the foreskin is overly tight and cannot be retracted, resulting in an inflamed foreskin or penis head. In addition, washing the penis is easier if it is circumcised.

Circumcision is common among many Jewish and Islamic people, and some African and Australian aboriginal tribes, says Mayo Clinic. The practice does not influence fertility and likely plays no role in sexual pleasure, either from the men themselves or from their sexual partners. A man who gets circumcised most likely needs to provide written consent to the procedure, which may be performed under general anesthesia with suturing to stave off too much bleeding. The penis needs about seven to 10 days to heal from a circumcision.

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