What Are Some Memory Games for Seniors?


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Some good memory games for seniors include the matching game, the remember later game and the word association game. The difficulty level of these games is adjustable and can range from easy to difficult.

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The matching game is played with a deck of ordinary playing cards. All of the diamonds and clubs are removed as well as all face cards of any suit. The remaining cards are ace to 10 of hearts and spades. These 20 cards are shuffled and placed face down in a grid pattern. The object of the game is to flip cards over, two at a time, and try to match cards of the same value. If they are not matched, the cards are turned face down again. The game continues until the player has matched all 20 cards.

In the remember later game, the senior formulates a word or phrase and simply tries to remember that phrase the following day or several hours later. This is best performed as part of a daily routine. For example, the player comes up with a phrase after dinner and tries to remember it the following morning.

The word association game is played by two or more people. One player starts the game by selecting a category, such as animals, and saying a word which belongs to that category. The next player must say a word which belongs to that category and begins with the last letter of the first word. For example, if player one says "cat," player two might say "tiger." The next word might be "rhino" and then "ostrich."

The difficulty level of these games is adjustable so that they are challenging but not frustrating to the individual.

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