How Often Does Melanoma Appear on the Nose?


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Melanoma appears frequently on the nose, according to PubMed.gov and the Skin Cancer Foundation. In one study conducted between 1983 and 2004, melanoma tumors were 0.8 percent of stage 1 and 2 tumors of the nose and 5.3 percent of the tumors of the head and neck.

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Melanoma is an aggressive skin cancer, explains the Skin Cancer Foundation. However, it is nearly always curable if found and treated early.

Skin cancers on the nose are difficult to treat because of the nose's complex anatomy, notes the Skin Cancer Foundation. However, in the study, the five-year survival rate of nasal melanoma was 96 percent, and 93 percent of the patients did not have a recurrence of the disease, according to PubMed.gov.

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