When Do You Take Mega Men Sport?

The label of the GNC Mega Men Sport product directs the user to take the daily dosage of two caplets with food, but does not specify a time of day. The time-release caplets enable the nutrients to be released gradually into the body and not absorbed instantly. Mega Men Sport contains no artificial colors or wheat; it is gluten, dairy and yeast-free. The product contains fish and soybeans.

According to the GNC website, Mega Men Sport is a clinically studied and premium multivitamin that contains 1,600 IU of vitamin D-3 for colon health. Other benefits of Mega Men Sport include energy and metabolism support, muscle support and recovery, joint cushion support and antioxidant protection. This specific product is targeted for active men engaged in athletics or physical fitness. It assists in their general health and recovery.

While the product claims have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Frank J. Costa, MD, a urological expert and member of the GNC Medical Advisory Board, endorses it, according to the GNC website. He indicates that the vitamins, minerals and proprietary sports blend are vital for active men. Other Mega Men formulas include Mega Men 50 Plus, Mega Men Prostate and Virility and Mega Men Energy and Metabolism.