What Are Meditation Techniques for Beginners?

What Are Meditation Techniques for Beginners?

Meditation techniques for beginners are simple, accessible techniques that inexperienced people can practice without getting frustrated. Beginner meditations are usually short and may involve visualization or other techniques to help prevent the mind from wandering.

People new to meditation should generally start with short sessions of three to five minutes at a time. A timer can help prevent the mind from wandering. It's also important to understand that some mind wandering is inevitable. Many meditation techniques involve clearing the mind and focusing on the breath and body, but even experienced people sometimes get distracted. When this occurs, they simply refocus.

One easy beginner meditation technique is a walking meditation. Practitioners begin by walking a set route, such as a paved walking path. It can help to be in a quiet area with few distractions. The movement of the body gives the mind something to focus on but is simple enough to allow practitioners to clear their minds and focus on feeling the body, breath and environment.

Another simple beginner meditation technique is to perform gratitude exercises. Practitioners can quietly visualize a person, place, event or anything else they are grateful for, and do this for a few moments, focusing on a few different things.

Simply sitting comfortably and breathing deeply can also lead to a meditative state. The mind can focus on the breath and feeling centered in the body.