What Medicines Provide Relief From Gas and Bloating?

Over-the-counter antacids such as Mylanta Gas and Maalox Anti-Gas may help relieve gas and bloating by inducing belching, but may not be as effective as other forms of treatment, according to WebMD. Products containing activated charcoal, such as CharcoCaps and Charcoal Plus, may help relieve discomfort and odor from gas.

Gas pains are generally harmless and can usually be relieved through lifestyle or dietary modifications, according to Mayo Clinic. It's helpful to identify the foods that tend to cause the biggest gastrointestinal response. Some foods that commonly cause excess gas and bloating include beans, Brussels sprouts, bran, sugar-free gum and dairy products such as milk, cream and ice cream. Fried and fatty foods cause bloating, and excess fat intake slows digestion while creating the feeling of being full. When taken with food, Beano may help reduce the amount of gas produced by various vegetables and beans.

Individuals who are lactose intolerant may find relief with lactase supplements such as Lactaid and Dairy-Ease, notes Mayo Clinic. Reducing or eliminating foods containing lactose may also help, as well as consuming them in small amounts or with other foods to help them digest properly. Additionally, the amount of fiber ingested through diet or supplements contributes to gas and bloating. Increasing fiber intake should be done gradually to allow the body to adapt.