What Medicines Are Available to Unblock Arteries?


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Medicines used to unblock arteries include cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood pressure drugs and drugs that thin the blood, including aspirin, reports WebMD. Other treatments for clogged arteries include lifestyle changes and surgical options.

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A healthy lifestyle is imperative when managing clogged arteries, explains WebMD. Reducing the amount of saturated fat in the diet and eating less sugar and more vegetables and fruits are all effective dietary changes. People should also ensure that they are at a healthy weight in order to manage clogged arteries. Exercising regularly, managing stress, maintaining blood sugar, and keeping cholesterol and blood pressure down are also recommended.

Surgery may be necessary in certain cases to manage arterial blockage, according to WebMD. A stent is one option. This is a small metal tube that is placed in an artery to keep it open. Bypass surgery is another surgical option for those with clogged arteries. This means that arteries from other parts of the body are moved to bypass the arteries that are clogged. A balloon angioplasty is also used to treat clogged arteries. In this surgery, a small balloon is inserted into an artery and inflated. All of these procedures help to open up the arteries and ensure that blood is flowing into the heart.

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