What Medicine Treats Watery Eyes?


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Watery eyes are commonly treated using antihistamine drops, such as Alaway or Zaditor, reports EyeHealthWeb. Prescription eye drops, including Bepreve or Lastacraft, may be recommended by medical professionals as well. Antibiotics are used when watery eyes are caused by a bacterial infection.

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What Medicine Treats Watery Eyes?
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Itchy and wet eyes are commonly a result of an allergic reaction and can be simply treated with antihistamine eye drops, according to EyeHealthWeb. Drying of the eyes can result in excess tear production, but this can be resolved through using over the counter artificial tears. Bacterial infections may cause excess tear production, and antibiotics must be used in these cases. Sometimes medicine cannot treat watery eyes, and surgery is necessary to correct the issue. Blocked tear ducts or eyelid problems can only be resolved surgically. Sunglasses may prevent excess tear production by preventing debris or wind from irritating the eyes.

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