What Medicine Treats Facial Numbness?


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Facial numbness can only be managed by treating the underlying issue that causes it. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical attention to know the cause of the numbness. Treating the condition will help to remove the symptoms or will slow them down, as stated by MedlinePlus.

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Some factors that might lead to face numbness include injuring a nerve, animal bites, seafood toxins, certain medications, vitamin B12 deficiency, shingles, lack of blood supply to the area, radiation therapy, pressure on the nerves, insect bites and abnormal levels of sodium, calcium or potassium. Therefore, a person experiencing to facial numbness will need to see a doctor for a diagnosis. Some conditions will need a change in lifestyle for the numbness to clear up.

Some medical conditions may also lead to numbness, including diabetes, seizures, migraines, multiple sclerosis, underactive thyroid, stroke, carpal tunnel syndrome and Raynaud's phenomenon, as stated by MedlinePlus. For example, a person suffering from diabetes will need to work on controlling his or her blood sugar levels. A person with low levels of vitamin will need to use vitamin supplements. Medication that lead to numbness may need to be switched or stopped but only after consulting a doctor. If there are other conditions accompanying the numbness, it is necessary to seek medical care.

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