What Are Some Medicinal Uses for Camphorated Oil?

Medicinally, people apply camphorated oil to the skin to treat pain and itching, according to WebMD. Camphor can treat fungal infections, warts and hemorrhoids. Made from cottonseed oil, camphorated oil contains 20 percent camphor, explains Merriam-Webster.

Topically applied camphor encourages blood flow, treats local pain and reduces swelling, notes WebMD. When using camphorated oil topically, people should never apply the oil to broken skin. Some people use camphorated oil to treat minor burns. Although some people ingest camphor orally for respiratory infections, this unsafe, unsupported practice can lead to injury or death. Camphorated oil has been unavailable in the United States since the 1980s, but citizens in Canada can purchase the folk remedy without prescriptions.