What Are the Medicinal Properties of Turmeric?


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Turmeric potentially reduces bloating and gas in individuals suffering from indigestion, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center. Studies show that turmeric may prevent ulcerative colitis relapse in humans, and animal studies have found that turmeric extract reduces levels of LDL cholesterol.

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What Are the Medicinal Properties of Turmeric?
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Turmeric is thought to stimulate healthy digestion because it causes the gall bladder to produce more bile, according to UMMC. The herb has been approved for use in Germany in the treatment of digestive disorders. However, turmeric may have a negative effect on stomach ulcers, as it may increase acid production. Turmeric is suspected to have effects on heart health and may prevent clots because it does not allow platelets to clump together.

Animal and test tube studies have suggested turmeric has antibacterial and antiviral properties as well, adds UMMC. In a study of 32 diseased individuals, turmeric was as effective as corticosteroids in treating uvetis, an inflammatory condition of the eye's iris. Turmeric potentially has an anti-inflammatory effect on osteoarthritis when combined with zinc, winter cherry and boswellia. More research is needed to confirm the effects of turmeric alone on arthritis. Likewise, turmeric has had promising results in treating or preventing cancer in test tube and animal studies, but more research is necessary.

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