What Are Some Medicinal Properties of Fenugreek?


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Fenugreek is used to treat high blood sugar, lower high cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol, claims HowStuffWorks. Its medicinal properties ease inflammation related to joint pain, cancer and heart disease, and contains vitamin E and C, which helps in preventing cell damage.

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As of 2015, fenugreek is commonly used for treating eczema, diabetes, and loss of appetite. Due to the fiber and other content in fenugreek that slow digestion and sugar absorption, fenugreek may help improve carb and sugar absorption in diabetics, according to Healthline. Fenugreek is used for kidney issues, bronchitis, erectile dysfunction, gout and gastritis, says WebMD. It also helps with digestive issues, such as stomach aches, constipation and gastritis.

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