What Medications Are Used to Treat Seizures and Migraine Symptoms?


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Seizure medications that may prevent migraines include Topamax, which contains topiramate, and Depakene or Depakote, which contain valproate, according to WebMD. These medications must be taken regularly before becoming effective, but 50 out of 100 people experience reductions in the amount of migraines by over 50 percent.

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Common side effects reported by individuals taking medications that contain topiramate as an active ingredient include fatigue; tingling in the hands and feet; decreased appetites and weight; and declines in coordination, explains WebMD. A few of these side effects may be caused by a life-threatening condition known as metabolic acidosis, which occurs when high amounts of acid enter the bloodstream. Side effects of valproate are minor and include fatigue, nausea, shakiness and weight gain. Women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or are nursing should avoid these medications as should people who suffer from or have suffered from kidney stones.

Individuals suffering from seizure disorders are twice as likely to suffer from migraines as other individuals, notes the Epilepsy Foundation. People with epilepsy may experience migraines due to the fact migraines and seizures have similar causes, such as stress, fatigue, alcohol and menstruation in women. People with either of these illnesses are also sensitive to flashing lights and distorted images.

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