What Medications Are Used to Treat Itchy Palms in Diabetics?


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Diabetes can cause itchy skin in different areas of the body, and treatment often may not include medication but instead limiting the number of baths, using moisturizer and application of soothing skin creams, relates the American Diabetes Association. The causes of itchy skin can be due to a diabetic's poor circulation and dry skin.

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Although these can be the main causes for itchy skin in diabetics, some people with diabetes also can develop a skin condition called eruptive xanthomatosis, report WebMD. Itchy skin is a main symptom of eruptive xanthomatosis. Another symptom of this skin condition is waxy bumps that form in the affected area. This condition is the result of high cholesterol levels associated with uncontrolled diabetes, states MedicineNet. The treatment for this condition is to manage the diabetes

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