What medications are used in skin yeast infection treatment?


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Over-the-counter clotrimazole cream or lotion that is applied topically to the affected area can sometimes treat yeast infection of the skin, notes WebMD. Prescription medications may be necessary for stubborn or more advanced yeast infections of the skin.

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Ketoconazole, sold under the brand name Nizoral, is a prescription remedy for yeast skin infection. Patients apply this antifungal cream topically, according to WebMD.

Diflucan, which is also known as fluconazole, and Sporanox, which is sometimes called itraconazole, are two types of oral medications that a doctor may prescribe for the condition. Along with a mild topical corticosteroid and topical antifungal creams, these oral medications can be used to clear up a skin infection caused by yeast, notes WebMD.

Yeast skin infections can signify an underlying problem with blood sugar control, so maintaining proper blood sugar can be beneficial to treatment, advises Healthline. By reducing sugar in the diet, it is possible to lessen the chance of skin yeast infection. Proper hygiene, including washing the skin daily and drying it to prevent excess moisture, can also help.

A doctor usually diagnoses yeast infection of the skin via a visual examination, according to Healthline. He can obtain a more definitive diagnosis by swabbing the area and sending the swab sample to a lab for evaluation.

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