What Medications Are Used for Prediabetes Treatment?


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Prediabetics may be given the medication Glucophage, which is also known as metformin, according to WebMD. This medication reduces the amount of glucose that is made in the liver, and itcan also reduce insulin resistance.

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Glucophage is generally only recommended whenever a person is at high risk of developing diabetes, including those with a body mass index greater than 35 and women who have a history of gestational diabetes during pregnancy, as stated by Mayo Clinic.In addition to Glucophage, some prediabetics may be given other medications to control blood pressure or cholesterol if needed.

Lifestyle changes are generally recommended for the prediabetic, including losing weight if necessary; even a loss of only a few pounds can dramatically reduce the risk of diabetes development. Permanent weight loss is recommended for ongoing health. Exercising is also important; most prediabetics should try to get in 30 to 60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily. Physical activity can include walking, swimming, bike riding or even breaking up exercise into small workouts throughout the day.

Lifestyle changes should include eating a diet that is low in calories and fat and filled with whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The Mediterranean-style diet can be beneficial for diabetes and other conditions.

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