What Medications Are Prescribed to Help Diabetics Lower Their Blood Sugar?


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Commonly prescribed medications given to diabetics to help control blood sugar include insulin, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, metformin and sulfonylureas, according to Dr. Ian Blumer of OurDiabetes.com. Each has benefits over the other, but not all drugs are right for each diabetic.

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Some drugs, such as those in the sulfonylureas class, stimulate the pancreas to help it make insulin. Although this type of drug works for some, it loses its effectiveness faster than other drug types and often causes weight gain, states Dr. Ian Blumer. Metformin works to decrease the glucose produced in the liver, but it can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and nausea in some people. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors slow down the absorption of glucose in the intestines and are often not potent enough at lowering blood sugar levels.

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