What Are the Medications That Kill Lice?


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There are over-the-counter and prescription medications, such as Nix and Ulesfia respectively, which kill lice, according to WebMD. There are also alternative treatments to kill lice, such as shaving the head and using petroleum jelly.

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The most common treatment for killing lice is the over-the-counter medication called Nix, claims WebMD. This solution kills both lice and eggs for around two weeks after it has been rinsed out. Over-the-counter treatments such as Rid are also used successfully to kill lice. In this case, the solution is placed on the head and scalp for 10 minutes then rinsed. It must be repeated after nine days to ensure all the lice are gone.

Prescription treatments to kill lice are also available, explains WebMD. One treatment, Ulesfia, is used by applying it to the head for 10 minutes then rinsed away. Another prescription treatment, Ovide, is applied to the head and left on for up to 12 hours before rinsing. If the lice are still present after a week, the treatment needs to be applied again. Shaving the head works to kill lice, but it can be traumatic for the person.

Another option is to coat the hair and scalp in olive oil or petroleum jelly to smother the lice, states WebMD. However, there is no scientific evidence that this works.

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