What Are Some Medications to Boost White Blood Cells After Cancer Chemotherapy?


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Doctors can prescribe medications that boost the production of white blood cells after chemotherapy, which are called colony stimulating factors, or CSF. Some common CSF medications are Neupogen, Leukine and Prokine, reports Choosing Wisely. Another medication is called Neulasta that is also known by the generic name of pegfilgrastim, relates Chemocare.

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These medications are given as injections nearly 24 hour after chemotherapy. This is for the stimulation of white blood cell production.

Low white blood count can be a side effect of chemotherapy, reports the Mayo Clinic. White blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, and chemotherapy can destroy some bone marrow, explains Choosing Wisely. A low white blood count in people can make them more susceptible to infections. For a person going through chemotherapy, this can lead to a condition called febrile neutropenia.

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