What Medication Can You Take to Remove Fungus From Your Feet?


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The treatment of foot fungus, also called athlete's foot, is typically administered through the application of topical antifungal medications. In serious cases of foot fungus, oral antifungal medications may be prescribed by a doctor, states WebMD.

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Treatment starts first with the use of nonprescription antifungal ointments, such as Lamisil or Lotrimin, states WebMD. These ointments are applied directly to the infected area on the skin. If these nonprescription medications fail to treat symptoms, prescription antifungals are administered, first in a topical form such as Mentax or Naftin, then in oral form such as Diflucan or Sporanox. Both nonprescription and prescription medications should be used in their entirety to ensure the success of the treatment and to prevent further infection.

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