What Medical Websites Show Pictures of Types of Skin Cancer?

medical-websites-show-pictures-types-skin-cancer Credit: zoranm/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Some medical websites with images of skin cancer are ones from organizations such as WebMD, the American Cancer Society, Healthline and Mayo Clinic. Healthline and the American Cancer Society feature extensive galleries of pictures; Mayo Clinic offers small thumbnails that are links to enlarged pictures with attached articles; and WebMD has pictures that illustrate prominent features of a melanoma and how one develops.

Healthline's website provides a slideshow of images depicting several types of skin cancer, accompanied by a paragraph with information such as who is at risk, what parts of the skin are affected, and what causes skin cancer. The America Cancer Society presents a gallery of 24 photos, each with a few sentences about the type of skin cancer depicted. A page on Mayo Clinic's site describes the symptoms of skin cancer and where it develops; there are four images of carcinomas and melanomas. WebMD offers seven static images and a very brief description of five physical characteristics of melanoma.

The pictures of skin cancer provided by these medical websites are typically closeup shots of actual skin cancer lesions, rather than illustrations or computer images. All of these websites attach pertinent medical information to the pictures they supply. Healthline, Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society caution readers to consult a doctor if they notice any abnormalities or if skin changes that appear.