What Are the Medical Uses of a Tramadol (AN 627) Pill?


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Medical uses of tramadol (AN627) include treatment of chronic pain, including back pain; opiate withdrawal symptoms; and anxiety, according to Drugs.com. Tramadol is a narcotic analgesic that has a lower potential for abuse than Controlled Substance Abuse Schedule 3 drugs.

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Doctors sometimes prescribe tramadol for postsurgical pain and other moderate to moderate-severe pain, according to Mayo Clinic. It acts on the central nervous system to bring relief. Patients with chronic pain often benefit from extended-release forms of the drug. Long-term use of tramadol is habit-forming and leads to both physical and mental dependence on the medication.

Patients using tramadol should take it according to their doctor's directions, warns Mayo Clinic. Patients with moderate-severe pain begin with 50 milligrams of the standard medication or 100 milligrams of the extended-release form. If it does not bring pain relief, the doctor may increase the dosage. The maximum dosage of tramadol is usually 400 milligrams per day or 300 milligrams daily of the extended-release formula.

Tramadol can increase the effects of alcohol and other narcotics, reports Drugs.com. Patients should stop the use or any other around-the-clock pain relievers and ensure their food or other medications do not contain alcohol. It can also slow or stop the user's breathing. Some people using the medication also experience seizures.

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