What Medical Treatments Are Offered by Extendicare Nursing Homes?

What Medical Treatments Are Offered by Extendicare Nursing Homes?

Extendicare nursing homes offer medical treatments such as long-term care, home health care and retirement living. Workplace health and wellness programs are also available, according to Extendicare.

If someone has everyday challenges such as showering, dressing, feeding and memory loss, it is recommended that he seek the services of a nursing home. Extendicare manages 96 clinics located in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The centers have a capacity of close to 13,000 residents, as of 2015. Residents in long-term assisted care have access to 24-hour personal care, competent nursing and physician care, claims Extendicare.

If someone is not ready to leave his home, Extendicare offers ParaMed services that include palliative care, professional nursing and homemaking in the comfort of the client's home. ParaMed services allow the individual to receive assistance while maintaining independence in familiar surroundings, as stated by Extendicare.

If an organization needs to access health care, Extendicare has immunization clinics, health and wellness clinics, customized health care, health seminars, and consultation programs that cater to the company's workforce needs, explains Extendicare.

Other services that Extendicare offers include group purchasing of services and products geared toward senior care such as furniture and equipment, maintenance and laundry products, and food service programs, allowing businesses to save money, notes Extendicare.