What Are Some Medical Treatments for Intestinal Hernias?


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Intestinal hernias, also known as inguinal hernias, can be medically treated through surgery, according to Healthline. However, smaller intestinal hernias that aren't growing can be effectively treated with weight loss and diet changes.

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What Are Some Medical Treatments for Intestinal Hernias?
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Intestinal hernias are treated either through open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, explains Healthline. During open surgery, a doctor sews surgical mesh over the hole to patch it. In laparoscopic surgery, the doctor sews the hole shut using small incisions, a process that is much less invasive and damaging than open surgery. Those who undergo open surgery have a longer recovery period and dietary restrictions, according to WebMD. Those who undergo laparoscopy have a much shorter recovery period and can forgo the dietary restrictions; however, the hernia is more likely to recur.

Not all hernias need to be treated medically, although doctors monitor them in case strangulation occurs, says Healthline. Strangulation occurs when a section of the intestine becomes trapped outside of the abdominal wall, which cuts off the blood supply to the tissue. This can lead to tissue death, bowel obstructions and possibly death. To prevent hernias, an individual needs to maintain a good body weight, quit smoking and avoid lifting excessively heavy weights. Using proper lifting techniques, including bending at the knees, is also important.

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