What Are Some Medical Treatments for a Hepatic Lobe Cyst on the Liver?


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Some medical treatments for a hepatic lobe cyst on the liver include draining the cyst laparoscopically, histologic sectioning to determine whether the cyst is malignant and surgical removal of the cyst if necessary, according to the National Institutes of Health. Most liver cysts are not symptomatic and are not found until the patient requires imaging for another unrelated problem. Once detected, the doctor may recommend following the growth of the cyst through ongoing imaging, before determining if more specific treatment is needed.

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What Are Some Medical Treatments for a Hepatic Lobe Cyst on the Liver?
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If the patient does present with symptoms, the symptoms might include jaundice, vomiting, feeling full in the stomach without eating much, fevers and experiencing dull pain in the area where the cyst is. When the hepatic cyst is malignant or neoplastic, the cyst must be removed surgically. However, only 5 percent of hepatic cysts are neoplastic and require this treatment. Most hepatic cysts are small in size and are not malignant so they are simply watched with the use of imaging equipment. At subsequent appointments, if the hepatic cyst starts growing or changing, then it will most likely be surgically removed.

When doctors cannot determine whether or not the cyst is neoplastic, they often will biopsy the wall of the cyst, reports the National Institutes of Health. This biopsy will then undergo testing to determine whether or not the cyst is a threat to the patient. Alternatively, if the cyst is a simple cyst but is still causing problems or negative symptoms, it can be drained with a laparoscopy procedure, notes the University of Pittsburgh.

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