How Are Medical Splints Used?


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Medical splints are used to protect an injured body part from further injury or keep an injured body part from moving, explains Healthline. They are mostly used to stabilize broken bones as the injured person is taken the health care facility for further treatment. When properly placed, splints help ease the pain of an injured area.

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To apply a splint, a patient is advised to first stop the bleeding of the injured area by applying pressure directly on the wound, explains Healthline. After the bleeding stops, the patient should apply a bandage and then place the splint, making it rest on the joint just above the injury and the joint below it. If splinting the forearm, for instance, the patient should place a rigid support under the forearm and then tape or tie it to arm above the elbow and below the wrist.

A patient is advised to avoid placing a tie directly over the injured area and should fasten the splint so that the body part is immobile, but the splint should not be so tight that it interferes with circulation, explains Healthline. If the extremity begins to turn pale or blue or becomes swollen, the ties that hold the splint should be loosened.

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