What Medical Products Are Sold at Wright & Filippis Medical Supply Stores?

What Medical Products Are Sold at Wright & Filippis Medical Supply Stores?

Wright & Filippis medical supply stores sell a range of prosthetics, orthotics and mobility products, as featured on its website. Its subsidiary company, A4Access, constructs and supplies customized lifts, elevators and ramps.

In the case of prosthetics, Wright & Filippis has a team of over 30 experienced, qualified clinicians available to work with amputees in identifying the best solutions to individual needs, according to its website. The range includes the latest technologies such as computerized knees, bionic feet and electrically powered hands. Facilities offer private-fitting services to women requiring prosthetics following a mastectomy.

Wright & Filippis orthotics include braces, helmets and specialist shoes that are customized, following consultation with one of a team of specialists, to ensure the best fit. Wright & Filippis also offers a range of manual and power-driven wheelchairs and electric scooters. Examples of these include custom-moulded or custom-fabricated seating solutions that ensure users are able to sit comfortably, avoiding pressure sores and ulcers, Wright & Filippis reports.

Mobility needs of younger children are met though a range of strollers, wheelchairs designed to adapt to growth, appliances that aid with standing and gait trainers. The website shows the range of accessibility products offered through A4Access specialists including indoor and outdoor chairlifts, wheelchair lifts for home or commercial use, residential elevators, and a range of fixed and mobile ramps.

Wright & Filippis is a family-run company that has been operating in the United States for over 70 years. Its commitment is to be "First to serve, first to care."