What Is the Medical Definition of Osteoarthritis?


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Osteoarthritis is a disease characterized by the deterioration of the connective tissues and underlying bone of an entire joint. The condition is sometimes referred to as degenerative joint disease and it is the most prevalent form of arthritis, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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What Is the Medical Definition of Osteoarthritis?
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In 2005, approximately 26.9 million adult Americans were diagnosed with osteoarthritis, as reported by the CDC. The most frequently observed symptoms in patients with the disease include pain, difficulty in movement and inflammation of the affected area. Osteoarthritis may also lead to joint space narrowing, abnormal hardening of the bones and the formation of bony outgrowths. As of 2015, the definite causes of the disease are not fully determined and no cure is available for the condition.

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