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Prevagen helps improve cognition loss, memory loss and sleep deprivation, according to the Prevagen website. Based on a study reported by the manufacturer, Prevagen improved cognitive functions such as word recall and learning in adults over 40 experiencing mild memory loss. The minimal loss of cognitive function experienced by these adults was due to the natural aging cycle. However, the Federal Drug Administration cautioned Prevagen manufacturers not to advertise that Prevagen helps with Alzheimer's and head injuries, states ConsumerLab.com.

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In a 2009, 90-day Prevagen quality-of-life study, participants using the drug reported improved word recall, less forgetfulness regarding items such as driving directions, and less need for reminders within a 30-day time period, states Prevagen. In a separate 2009 Prevagen quality-of-life study, participants taking the drug reported improved sleep patterns, experiencing an average of 37 more minutes of sleep than usual and less nightly wake-ups. Participants also reported having an easier time falling asleep and experiencing a higher quality of sleep.

As of 2014, Prevagen manufacturers claim that it is the highest-selling supplement for brain support across chain pharmacies in America. Prevagen is produced by Quincy Bioscience and uses the patented ingredient apoaequorin, a jellyfish protein, to treat mild memory loss and support cognitive function, states Prevagen. However, the FDA has claimed that apoaequorin is not an acceptable ingredient, reports ConsumerLab.com.

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