What Are Some Medical Benefits of Using DMSO?

What Are Some Medical Benefits of Using DMSO?

DMSO is beneficial for treating wounds, interstitial cystitis, inflammatory skin conditions and skin necrosis and for preventing ulcers, according to Healthline. It can also be effective in the treatment of scleroderma.

Because DMSO easily permeates the skin, doctors use it to treat scleroderma, a rare condition that involves hardening of the skin, explains Healthline. There is also evidence that it can be beneficial for cancer-related skin necrosis. Additionally, DMSO helps to protect against ulcers that develop as a side effect of taking mitomycin C, an anticancer medication.

DMSO has FDA approval for treating interstitial cystitis, an uncommon bladder disorder, according to Healthline. It is either injected into a patient’s blood or is administered into the bladder through a catheter. DMSO is also commonly used as a topical treatment or is taken orally in pill form.

According to research studies using DMSO, researchers hypothesize it might be useful for treating gastritis, arthritis, herpes and closed head trauma, reports Healthline. Preliminary research also indicates that it may be effective for treating Alzheimer's disease.

As an anticancer treatment, research involving DMSO has demonstrated mixed results, states Healthline. As of 2015, DMSO is currently only approved for human use as a treatment for bladder inflammation, although it is approved for other uses in animals.