What Are Some Medical Benefits of Neem Tree Leaves?


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Neem tree leaves are believed to help in treatment of conditions such as stomach upset, head lice, malaria, fever and breathing complications. The bark, leaves and seeds of the neem tree are mostly used to make medicine, notes WebMD.

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What Are Some Medical Benefits of Neem Tree Leaves?
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While neem tree parts are used to make medicines to treat a variety of conditions, there is insufficient evidence to prove its effectiveness, states WebMD. Products made from this tree are generally safe when taken orally by adults for a period of less than 10 weeks. Taking neem for a longer period of time may possibly affect the kidneys or liver.

Applying neem leaf extract gel to the teeth is able to prevent the development of plaque. The chemical substances in this product help reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

Applying neem leaf extract on the skin can help repel mosquitoes and black flies. The extract can equally help in the management of psoriasis symptoms on the skin. Applying the extract on the head can help in getting rid of head lice.

Other benefits associated with the neem leaf include providing relief to individuals with an upset stomach, lowering the chances of heart disease, management of high body temperature, birth control and treatment of diabetes.

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