Are There Any Medical Benefits of Consuming Dandelion Herbs?


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There is no significant evidence to show that dandelion herbs have any medical benefits. However, these herbs are used to treat various conditions including bruises, eczema, gallstones and stomach upset, notes WebMD.

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Are There Any Medical Benefits of Consuming Dandelion Herbs?
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Dandelion is a herb that contains certain chemicals believed to increase urine production and aid in decreasing swelling or inflammation, notes WebMD.

In certain regions, dandelion herbs are used to correct a loss of appetite. The herbs are said to contain substances that help boost appetite. Individuals that are experiencing an excessive production of gas in the stomach may also find relief by taking these herbs.

Individuals dealing with constipation or bowel movement complications may find relief by consuming these herbs. For those with muscle aches and joint pain, dandelion may help ease the severity of the pain. These herbs may equally be used as skin toners, digestive tonic and blood tonic.

Dandelion is generally considered safe when taken in medicinal or food forms. However, some individuals may experience allergic reactions when they consume the herbs through the mouth or if the herbs are exposed to their skin. Individuals taking certain medications must be cautious when taking dandelion as it may produce substance interactions. Be careful when taking antibiotics, lithium and water pills.

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